The current contract for garbage pickup is with Johnson County Refuse. 


  • Garbage and Recyclables will be picked up curbside on Thursdays beginning at 6 am.
  • Brush, yard and garden waste and leaf vacuuming is included in your monthly fee. Brush pick up and leaf vacuuming is done by Public Works. Yard and garden waste by Johnson County Refuse.
  • Bulky Item Day, which is held in June, is included in your monthly fee.
  • The residents of Lisbon are no longer required to purchase garbage tags (unless you put out extra garbage that does not fit in your container).  Each resident will have their choice of a wheeled garbage container.  The three container sizes are as follow:
  1. 65 gallon container picked up weekly at $26.00 per month
  1. 35 gallon container picked up weekly at $24.00 per month
  1. 35 gallon container picked up every other week at $19.00 per month

            Each extra bag (any bag outside the container and no larger than 35 gallons) would have to be tagged with a garbage sticker that is sold for $3.00 each.

           These can be purchased at City Hall or Brother's Market.


65 gallon container can hold up to six (6) 13 gal. trash bags

35 gallon container can hold up to three (3) 13 gal. trash bags

  • Each resident will receive a 95 gallon wheeled recycling container that will be picked up every week.  The following items can be comingled in the recycling container and do not have to be sorted. 

Mixed paper                                 
Corrugated Cardboard
Plastics (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) excluding Styrofoam and motor oil containers.
Glass (Clear, Brown, Green)
Tin, Steel, and Aluminum Cans


  • Bulky items require one or more tags as listed below.  The cost of the tags is $3.00 each.

Refrigerator                 7                                  Freezer                         7

Air Conditioner            7                                  Water Heater                7

Washer OR Dryer       7                                  Stove                             7

Microwave                  7                                  Dehumidifier                  7

Dishwasher                 7                                  Sofa bed or reclining   15

Sofa                           10                                Chaise Lounge              15    

Loveseat                     6                                  Stuffed Chair                  5

 Recliner                      5                                Straight back Chair         2  

Dresser     1 per drawer, 2 for frame               Dresser Mirror            2-3

Toilet                           2                                   Sink                               2

Lamps                        1                                  Carpet (3x8)                   3

Grill                             3                                  Office Chair - reg size   1

Office floor mat           2                                  Outdoor metal chair       3

Mattress     K 8                                               Box Springs            K 8

                   Q 7                                                                              Q 7

                   F 6                                                                               F 6

                   T 4                                                                               T 4 

Storm Door   3


Johnson County Refuse does not pick up electronics.  Residents need to dispose of them personally at Linn County Landfill, north of Marion OR utilize the Large Item Pickup Day that the City sponsors, usually in June.


Updated 8/26/2021